Day 108: Progress on Profilia

I'm making progress on Profilia, the forthcoming anthology of profiles that I've written over the past 35 years. Less than steady, better than fitful, but progress all the same.

I don't think I've published the shortlist of candidates, so here you go:

  • Kay Jamison, psychiatrist and author
  • Rosemary Mahoney, writer
  • Park Dietz, security consultant and expert on serial killers
  • Jonathan Haas, drummer
  • Leon Fleisher, pianist
  • Matthew Burtner, composer
  • Roy Blount Jr., writer
  • Barclay Tagg, thoroughbred horse trainer
  • Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, network scientist
  • Raoul Middleman, painter
  • James Taylor, historian of carnival sideshows
  • Sidney Mintz, food anthropologist
  • Gustav Meier, conductor
  • Richard Oles, fencing coach
  • Manuel Barrueco, guitarist
  • Dan Dubelman, indy rocker
  • Stephen Dixon, writer
  • Drew Daniel, literature professor and musician
  • Carol Graham, happiness economist
  • Avi Rubin, computer scientist and poker player
  • Tim Kreider, essayist and cartoonist
  • George Kennedy, swim coach
  • Oscar Bettison, composer
  • Denis Wirtz, biophysicist
  • Larry Hoffman, composer and guitarist
  • Kathy Edin, sociologist
  • Walter Murch, film editor and polymath
  • Kevin Tallon, deaf boxer
  • Chuck Keiger, sign painter

Twenty-nine candidates. Heavy on writers and musicians, but a workable variety I'll need at least 15, I think, maybe more, depending on how long a book I want to produce.

Further bulletins as events warrant.