Day 192: The Way, and another way

Colin Marshall, essayist, wrote a list that could be labeled The Way, if one were in a Taoist sort of mood:

  • Each day, learn a new skill or hone an existing one.
  • Don’t reflexively say no to something new.
  • Know who you admire.
  • Be able to entertain ideas without accepting them.
  • Be autodidactic.
  • Improve learning ability.
  • The more sources of fulfillment, the better.
  • Know what you want to be, but let the world decide if you are.
  • Collect experiences.
  • Make slow progress rather than no progress.
  • Approach trouble as opportunities.
  • Always have goals.
  • Keep a notebook.
  • Think.

Not to be outdone, I wrote my own:

  • Be an artist monk.
  • Always explore, always question, always pursue.
  • Walk a path. When you must, make the path.
  • No act without intent.
  • Practice connoisseurship.
  • Pay attention.
  • Make notes.
  • Love somebody.
  • Keep a cat, perhaps two.
  • Enjoy liquor, in moderation, preferably gin.