Day 53: The domain of strange economics

I own, or lease or hold the rights to or whatever the legal specification is, this website's domain. A few years ago I set it up as a .net because that was available, whereas was not. I owned that one twenty years ago when I wrote a blog named scribble, scribble, scribble. One or two of you may remember it. Anyway, when I left off blogging for a time, I stopped renewing the domain.

When I decided to resume blogging, I was surprised to find that my old .com was not available. It had been taken by some guy in Japan who just seemed to be squatting on it. He'd sell it to me for a price, but I wasn't about to pay him anything. What I couldn't figure out was why, of all the potentially profitable domain squats out there, he thought there might be profit in locking up Did he think I was about to have my big commercial breakthrough as a writer? Did he know anything about me at all? Did he have any idea what writers earn?

I currently own another domain—the name will not be mentioned, it's for a possible special project—that I registered through Hover. Out of curiosity, this morning I searched for other available dalekeiger domains and discovered that can be had again—except it's now a "premium domain" that will set me back $1,835.00, plus $14.99 per year.

Your guess is as good as mine. is a real bargain at $9.99. The overly literal, on the other hand, is going for $24.99. Fancy Cough up $34.99., which is a scary thought, is going for $99.99, but hey, as a CEO I'm raking it in, right? I used to be a singer and I had some good shows, which may account for the $174.99 price tag on is $24.99, while, which I would argue is the same thing, commands $44.99. I'd give real thought to ($32.99), but I'm much more partial to gin, and no dalekeiger.gin comes up.

But here's my favorite: At $32.99, that one really tempts me.