Day 77: The exemplars

The exemplars, unordered:

  • John McPhee — For being the consumate deep reporter, for prose that is the perfect alloy of precision and grace, for devotion to craft.
  • George Orwell — For his willingness to stare down anyone with acute questions, and his commitment to saying what was true.
  • Bob Dylan — For his work ethic, and for doing what he wanted to do and fuck everyone who was unhappy about that.
  • Walter Murch — For exemplifying the inquiring mind and the amateur scholar.
  • Christopher Hitchens — For courage, and for a savage wit wielded so well.
  • Lawrence Weschler — For being the model of the polymath scribbler.
  • Annie Dillard — For being a modern transcendentalist, for her unique and dexterous mind, and the best book on writing.
  • Craig Mod — For his thinking about the future of the book.
  • Seth Godin — For his wit, his nimble mind, and his clarity. And for always raising a ruckus.
  • Austin Kleon — For one piece of advice: Show your work.
  • Ursula K. Le Guin — For her defense of genre fiction, and for her steadfast and always courteous cussedness.