Day 90: Eliot Peper

Novelist Eliot Peper on where to turn your attention:


Barely plausible niche ideas. The outskirts and underpasses of a megalopolis. Burgeoning self awareness. The cultural fringe. Technologies that appear to be nothing more than toys. The fractal outline of a fern frond. Marginal returns. Emotions that are just barely ineffable. Border towns. The moment just before you lean in for a first kiss. Coastal ecosystems. Flirting with irony. The lucid dreamscape halfway between sleep and wakefulness.

The ragged edges of things are always the most interesting part.

I would add any temporal, geographical, social, economic, or natural frontier; that which people are not saying; the melody barely heard; hints of color; the sound beneath silence; ghost walls; the kid in the corner; the scene opposite the picture; the wine's finish; where someone just left.